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Yoga Services



    For 'Professional Yogis', who are helping others with health and wealth bringing science of yoga and need to keep growing by improving their helping skills, rising their personal practice to next level and teaching the best from different traditions to remain ahead in competitive world of teaching.


    For 'Ever Growing People', who want to grow spiritually even while earning. Who wish to choose one of rarest profession in which you get chance to keep improving your health while earning and where you get paid for helping others to attain better health, calmness and peace.

    For 'Growing Companies' who wish to increase the rate of their growth and keep continuously expending & to be ahead in competitive world by improving individual capacities and qualities of their employees, creating harmonious , co-operating and stress free environment in the corporate company.

    For 'Intelligent People' who are doing regular practice on their own & want to learn yoga in more details with understanding of scientific reasons ( what & how ) for maximum benefits.

    For 'Intellectual People' who want to update their knowledge from latest research work & new discoveries from ancient yoga literature to reach and sustain at top intellectual level.

    For 'Aware People' who know they need yoga but missing it due to their busy schedule or non-availability of good yoga teachers at their place. It is also for the people who have bad health incident in their family and want to check, learn or practice practical aspect of therapeutic yoga training to prevent or treat their relative or self.

    For 'People To Relax' who are busy and successful in their life and want to have a relaxing yoga break from busyness of success, who give highest value to themselves & their relaxation, who want to enjoy yoga for deep relaxation and recharging themselves in natural environment.

    For the 'Devoted People' who are determined to approach REAL INDIAN YOGA MASTERS to learn pure form of yoga at deepest possible level, probably to become professional yoga teacher or to enjoy life long benefits of yoga with life changing experience of YOGIC LIFE.
  • (ix) Yoga Tours

    For the 'Adventurous People' who want to explore the spiritual land of India in special reference to yoga. We organize an exploring tour to yoga related places with everyday intensive yoga sessions. We reach beyond the historical architecture buildings and commercial markets of modern version of spiritual cities. Everything* is arranged by us so that you can put your single pointed attention on your 'Yogic Exploring'.


    For 'Determined People' who have made yoga as part of their daily routine and want to achieve maximum benefits by investing time only on PRACTICAL PRACTICE under REGULAR SUPERVISION.


    For 'Valued People' who pay more value to their time than money and want to get maximum benefits by practicing individual need based sequence under personal guidance in secure & friendly environment at their home.

    For 'Efficient People & Organisations', who are going to do something big and who know 'they have the abilities' and just looking precise professional advise to be more structured and organised, be it in the area of (i) Opening new yoga studio, (ii) Constructing 'Yoga Village' or 'yogic housing society' or 'apartments for yoga community', (iii) Launching Television serial on yoga, (iv) Yoga Therapy, (v) Creating new 'yoga sequence for personal practice' (vi) Creating new 'yoga sequence for teaching', (vii) Creating yoga tour (viii) Organising a yoga retreat (ix) Organising Yoga Conference / Workshops / Festival. Consultations are available online, on telephone, by emails and by personal visits .